About me

Growing up as a child in India, my initial exposure to animation was Cartoon Network. I followed the channel religiously, fascinated by how imaginatively the fictional worlds of the shows were created, and how characters were brought to life with a little bit of art and a little bit of magic. I spent my free time doodling and drawing my own episodes of Scooby-Doo and other childhood favourites. 

I discovered very early on in life that my passion lay in art, and I pursued it wholeheartedly, becoming the youngest child in India to have an exhibition in the capital, Delhi, and winning a National Award for Exceptional Achievement at age 12. It was only when I was admitted to the National Institute of Design, India’s premier design school, that I realised that my childhood hobby was actually my calling — I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Animation Film Design in 2014. One of the films that I made there, ‘Horn OK Scream’, has been part of the official selection at the Cannes Short Film Festival, KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival, Jaipur International Film Festival, Goa Short Film festival, and RIP Horror Film Fest London. 

My interest in character design led me to Vancouver Film School’s Animation and Concept Art program, from which I graduated in 2016 with Honors. I am currently based in Vancouver, BC, now doodling episodes of my own stories, and trying to breathe life into worlds and characters with my art.